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Here's to the Blooms!

This is a recording of "Try To Remember" I made on my Yamaha P-515. I would like to dedicate this song to the Blooms. This has always been one of my my sister's favorite songs! These are more pictures from our Kyoto trip. What a gorgeous place! All the best, Bob

To the Colorado Heckelmanns!

When I think of Colorado and music, I think of John Denver. This is a recording I did of one of my favorite Denver songs, Perhaps Love. I would like to dedicate this song to my sister and her family, as they have lived in the Denver area for many years. Ty and family, I hope you enjoy this song! The pictures were again taken during our trip to Kyoto. The picture with the bridge in it was taken at the Imperial Palace, the former home of the Japanese King and Queen. What a beautiful garden!  Another one of the highlights from this trip was spending time with Dana and his family. They used to live in Oregon, where we had the good fortune of working with Dana and his two sons in our tennis program. The younger son, Ryoma, is now an up and coming star on a university tennis team.  Go Ryoma! Dana is extremely bright and has traveled the world doing corporate development work. In the process, he has been at the cutting edge of that industry. I had the good fortune of going for a long walk wit

A Tribute to Our Seattle Folks!

There are not many songs that pertain to Seattle. One of the few is a song titled "Seattle" that was written by Hugo Montenegro back in the late 60's. It was used in the television show "Here Come The Brides." My recording of this beautiful song is dedicated to my brother and his family as they live in that great city. Love to Drum and Monique and all! These are again photos from our amazing trip to Kyoto. I took 3000 photos in 5 days! Glorious sights! The orange posts are from the world famous Fushimiinari-taisha Shrine. The stairs wind up for a mile as you walk through the passageway that goes between the posts! Amazing! It was a little challenging to get photos without humans in them as there were so many people. However, the further up I got, the fewer the people. Luck and patience! The other two photos are from the Byodo-in Temple. Again, what an exquisite site! A fun story. I was photographing the Temple when I got a phone call from Setsuko. She was litera

Let the Tunes Begin!

As I was playing our beautiful Yamaha P-515 tonight, I had this "out of the blue" thought that it would be cool to have music with my pictures. So, let the tunes begin! This is a recording that I made 12 years ago! First, you need to click on "Read More." It usually takes a bit of time for the music to load. You may need to refresh your screen. You can then click on the arrow on the left side of the recording picture.  The pictures are some of the best from our recent trip to Kyoto. More details to come! Enjoy! All the best, Bob

Fall Is on the Way!

  There is nothing like the change of colors that comes with the start of fall. I am very excited about the related photo opportunities! When I first starting photographing in the Tama Cemetery, I focused on the amazing and gorgeous tombstones. With the photos pictured here, I was focusing on the photogenic trees. More to come! Now that life has started to show some indications of structure and normalcy, it is time for me to follow through with the promise I made to Setsuko to learn the Japanese language. That is going to be a challenge!  This adventure started with a free class offered in our community. I had a feeling that things may be a bit rocky when my volunteer instructor admitted that I was his first beginning student. Off to a great start! The second bad omen was when we started working with a textbook. He showed me the two books that he had chosen. I told him I liked the book that had English translations. He decided we should use the other book. Oh boy! To make a long story

Tremendous Tennis!

 It has been awhile since we took our trip to Wimbledon. It was time to re-join the world of sports photography! And what a cool world it is! A big thank you to Setsuko for getting us tickets to the Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tourney!  It was a fabulous experience! After about 2.5 hours on a number of trains, we arrived at the Ariake Coliseum and Tennis Forest Park. The top picture is of the Stadium Court, the court with the retractable roof. Quite an impressive tennis court!  The rest of the pictures are from a practice session we watched shortly after we arrived. Amazing! The woman with the blue hat is Iga Swiatek, the number two player in the world. The woman in the red hat is Nadiia Kichenok, and the woman in the white hat is her doubles partner, Miyu Kato.  For all you tennis players, I hope you notice the concentration, the footwork, the use of their bodies, the preparation, and the flawless technique. These are some of the reasons they are some of the best in the world!  Bein