Let the Tunes Begin!

As I was playing our beautiful Yamaha P-515 tonight, I had this "out of the blue" thought that it would be cool to have music with my pictures. So, let the tunes begin! This is a recording that I made 12 years ago!

First, you need to click on "Read More." It usually takes a bit of time for the music to load. You may need to refresh your screen. You can then click on the arrow on the left side of the recording picture. 

The pictures are some of the best from our recent trip to Kyoto. More details to come! Enjoy!

All the best,



  1. Bob, This music is beautiful. Is that the piano? Are you playing, or is it someone else? I think music is wonderful with your blog. Keep it up.- June

    1. Thanks June! I played all of the music. The song in this post was recorded on the grand piano we had in Oregon. The Seattle song was recorded on my Yamaha P-515, an amazing electronic keyboard. All the best, Bob


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