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A New Job!

Hello again! I hope you enjoy my recording of the classic, "Leaving on A Jet Plane." That song has always had special meaning to me as it was the first song I learned on the guitar. I only wish I could match the wonderful recordings by John Denver and Peter, Paul, and Mary! These photos are from Jindai Botanical Garden, such a gorgeous place!  As I think I may have mentioned, my current job at the American School is over at the end of this year. While I could stay and work as a substitute teacher, my preference is to have a regular position, so I get the joy of working with the same students on a consistent basis.  There is a wonderful web site that lists most of the top international schools in the Tokyo area: Call it luck or call it persistence, I recently hit the jackpot when I discovered an amazing gem, The Tokyo International Progressive School, or TIPS, This is from their main page: TIPS i

Bring on the Guitar and Let's Sing!

Happy Spring! Sorry to be out of touch! It has been a busy spring! Several people have asked me to record my singing. Here we go! Although I certainly am no pro, I have really enjoyed working on my guitar and singing skills. More to come! The cherry season has come and gone in our area. However, the good news is that I was able to capture some of the incredible beauty of the cherry blossoms. What a treat!  The top photo was taken at Rikugien Garden, a gorgeous garden in the Tokyo area.  The second photo from the top was taken from the entrance to the American School, the school where I work. The third and fourth photos from the top were taken in the Tama Cemetery.  I have the good fortune of walking through that cemetery on my way to work. A real joy! The three photos at the bottom were taken at the Jindai Botanical Garden, one of my favorite gardens close to our house. I hope you enjoy the music and the photos. All the best, Bob