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The Amazing ShiftCam ProGrip!

These were all taken at an absolutely beautiful garden we visited in Yokohama. It was a bit dark and I was hand-holding my camera with my chest harness. As a result, a lot of the pictures were quite blurry. But, as I have said to many people, bird photography is partly a numbers game. Take enough pictures and you are bound to get some good ones! I recorded "A Time For Us" on my Yamaha P-515. Many people know that song as the love theme from "Romeo and Juliet." Another classic song recorded by Andy Williams! I wanted to share with you some information on a new tool I just purchased, the ShiftCam ProGrip. Here is the link to the web site: I discovered this wonderful accessory after coming back from our trip to Yokohama. With the exception of the bird photography, all of the photos from that trip were taken with my iPhone 15 Pro Max. As I was doing all that photography, it occurred to me how easy it would be to a

Thanks To All Of You!

Moon River has always been one of my favorite songs. I recorded this version on my Yamaha P-515. I so appreciate the gift Andy Williams gave us when he did the gorgeous recording of that song. In addition, as I put in the previous post, this was the springboard for the singing career of Lucy Thomas.  These pictures were all taken during a trip I did with my friend Stuart. We rode our bikes about 6 miles to get to this beautiful park. I do not think I have seen colors like this in the fall since I attended Trinity College in 1975. While I was at Trinity, I bought one of the smaller Suzuki motorcycles and I rode it between Hartford and Boston to visit relatives. The sunset picture was taken from the bridge that is about two miles from our house. What a scene! I am sorry that I am little late with this post. I am very thankful for the following.  All of you. I was recently asked if I miss Oregon. My response was that I miss the people. So very true! Thanks to all of you for being in my

It is Lucy Thomas Time!

    These photos were taken at a Festival we attended last Saturday night. The top photo was taken during a very cool live performance. I was mesmerized by the beautiful clothing they wore! The above link is to an amazing performance by Lucy Thomas when she was 13 years old. She has a voice that is out of this world! I dare you to not get goose bumps when you watch that video!  Lucy is now 19 years old. She just came out with her fifth album and is due to be starring in the musical "Rosie" in 2024. Without a doubt, she has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard!  She has also recorded some gorgeous duets with her sister. What a talented family! I love her song selection as she has recorded a number of songs from musicals.  One of the things that is so amazing is the passion she puts into her singing. She sings with a maturity that is much more typical of someone twice her age.  The good news is that you can access almost

Here's To Longevity!

I recorded "All I Ask of You" on my Yamaha P-515. This song brings back such wonderful memories. Setsuko and I saw a live performance of Phantom of the Opera. This song has always been one of her favorites! These pictures were again taken during our Kyoto trip. The beauty just keeps on coming! Speaking of favorites, I would today like to talk about longevity. Specifically, I would like to share some thoughts about a very informative book I just finished, "Outlive," by Peter Attia. At times, it was a challenging read as he gets pretty technical when it comes to the science and medical background he provides. However, that challenge is well worthwhile; he provides a ton of good information. The book is organized into the following sections: Part 1: The Technical Elements of Disease, the Medical Field, a Roadmap for Reading the Book Part 2: Nutrition, Cancer, Heart Disease, Memory and Alzheimer's Disease Part 3: Exercise, Stability, Nutrition, Sleep, Emotional Heal

Thank you Setsuko!

This song has a special place in my heart as I played this Neil Diamond classic, "Play Me," at our wedding. This is my way of saying thank you to Setsuko for such a wonderful Japan experience. Love you lots! The pictures, taken with my iPhone, are from an amazing excursion to Showa Kinen Park I took by bicycle with my friend  Stuart. We rode our bikes 6+ miles to the park, then rode around the perimeter of the park, then walked parts of the interior. What a gorgeous place! I particularly enjoyed the Japanese Garden! After this wonderful experience, we rode to a restaurant owned by a friend of his and had a fabulous Japanese meal. What a day to remember!  I feel fortunate to have these relationships to nurture my soul. I will end with some of the lyrics from this Neil Diamond song.                    You are the sun, I am the moon                     You are the words, I am the tune                    Play me. Does it get any better than that? All the best, Bob