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Bring Home Setsuko!

Setsuko had her total knee replacement surgery last Tuesday. The operation was successful and she is recovering very well. She will be coming home from the hospital this Thursday. Yeah! The pictures were taken with my iPhone 15 Pro Max, and are all from the Tama Cemetery, which is  very close to our house. I do not know the name of the person in the first picture. The engraving is part of a beautiful tombstone. I made this recording of "Bring Him Home" on my Yamaha P-515. I am very proud of this recording as I think it is the best recording I have ever made. I think the reason is simple. I practiced and practiced this piece!  My plan was to play this song at an "Open Mike" event at the school where I work. I also offered to play background music as people were arriving. I thought I would be playing "Bring Him Home" later in the evening. However, with other performances and karaoke songs, I never got the chance. Here is my replacement! With these recordings

Climate Emotions Conversation

IMPORTANT! For some odd reason, the music formatting has changed on these Blogger posts sites.. To listen to the song, first click on "READ MORE," and then click on the small box with the arrow in it that is in the upper right corner of the post screen. When you hover over that little box, it will say "pop-out." That will open up another window with a box in the middle of the screen. Click on the "play" arrow and the song should start. Please let me know if this does not work. Sorry about this! I made this recording of Leaving On A Jet Plane on my Yamaha P-515.  So many fond memories tied to the song! It was the first song I learned on the guitar and the only song I have memorized for the guitar. When I am feeling lonely or a little sad, this song does wonders for me! The pictures are of the world famous Tokyo Tower. What a gorgeous site, especially at night! In just a few minutes, I am going to be joining my first Climate Emotions Conversation. Thi