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The Latest on Bob and Longevity!

I hope you enjoy my recording of "Love is All Around." I would like to dedicate that to my amazing and lovely wife Setsuko! Speaking of amazing, the pictures were taken during a wonderful day and evening of photography in Shinjuku. The building with the great shapes is the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. I have been wanting to get back to that building ever since I almost got thrown in jail! Several months ago, I was hoping to photograph that fascinating building. I was with a photographer friend who had been to that site several times. I got out my tripod and set up my gear when the fun began. This voice came through a loud speaker as follows, "you do not have permission to do photography! Please stop immediately!" What the heck!!!!???? All we could figure out was that the powers that be thought I was a professional photographer. So much for that photo session! For my recent session, I just used my iPhone. No loud speaker action! The evening pictures were taken at the T