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I hope you enjoy my recording of "Love is All Around." I would like to dedicate that to my amazing and lovely wife Setsuko!

Speaking of amazing, the pictures were taken during a wonderful day and evening of photography in Shinjuku. The building with the great shapes is the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. I have been wanting to get back to that building ever since I almost got thrown in jail!

Several months ago, I was hoping to photograph that fascinating building. I was with a photographer friend who had been to that site several times. I got out my tripod and set up my gear when the fun began. This voice came through a loud speaker as follows, "you do not have permission to do photography! Please stop immediately!" What the heck!!!!????

All we could figure out was that the powers that be thought I was a professional photographer. So much for that photo session! For my recent session, I just used my iPhone. No loud speaker action!

The evening pictures were taken at the Tokyo Night and Light Show.

That show recently broke the Guinness World Record for the largest projected light show. Wow! The light show is projected onto the side of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Very cool! There must have been 4000 people for the first show!

I recently sent the following to a friend. That message nicely summarizes many of the steps I have taken to live to be 100 years old.  

In addition, I would like to add some information about balance. This is a very important issue for all of us as we age. Here are my thoughts.

  1. Yoga is a very good activity for developing and maintaining balance.
  2. This Amazon web site has some good books on balance:
  3. Jeff gave me a good exercise for developing balance. Stand up straight. Lift up your heels. Keeping your heels off the ground, go down to a squat and then return to a standing position. If you have had knee problems, use caution, go slowly, and stop if you feel pain. You can also make it less stressful on the knees by holding onto a chair for support. 
  4. Peter Attia is the author of "Outlive, The Science and Art Of Longevity." He recommends working up to being able to stand on one leg for thirty seconds with eyes open. Eyes closed increases the challenge!
I will start with a brief list and then we can go from there.
I am fortunate in that I have been active my entire life.
I have an extensive history as a tennis teacher, coach, competitor, and administrator.
As a “lifetime sport,” tennis has been a key contributor to my successful health habits.

I started running in 1985.
I no longer compete but continue to use running for physical and emotional and mental fitness.
I learned a tremendous amount from my competitive running career, including how to deal with the pain of maximum exertion. 

To varying degrees, I have engaged in cycling for many years.
When COVID hit, I expanded my cycling.
I now have two expensive racing bikes and bike 4-7 times a week, cycling 10-20 miles per day.
I love it!

I have had my share of injuries.
I had a great physical therapist in Oregon, Jeff Giulietti,  who helped me establish a very solid foundation of strength and flexibility.
To this day, I do his exercises on a regular basis. 
I have a background as a personal trainer, so I know how to train and how to take care of my body.

One of the things I am most proud of is that in 15 years of school teaching, I have never missed a day due to sickness.
I eat well, get plenty of sleep, work out daily, and do strength training and stretching every day.
I am very motivated to be a great school teacher and am very committed to that work.
That work is extremely satisfying and provides intellectual stimulation that keeps my mind active and engaged. 
I have a wonderful marriage and share a love of walking and exploring and tennis with my wife. 

I am fortunate in that I have played the piano for almost 50 years.
In addition, I play the guitar and sing.
I am a very committed amateur musician and enjoy practicing on a daily basis.
My recent focus has been on the guitar and singing. 

I get a tremendous amount of social satisfaction from my relationships with my wife, my students, and a small group of friends.
I am also active with my blog and am very conscientious about responding to people by email. 
I have enjoyed my involvement with the Citizens Climate Lobby and have met some nice people through working with that group.

In short, as a very disciplined individual, I have developed and implemented lifestyle habits that will hopefully enable me to live to be a hundred years old.
I am very selfish about this process, as my personal health and well-being are absolutely the top priorities in my life.
I am very good about implementing those priorities every day. 

May we all grow old together!

All the best,



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