The Amazing ShiftCam ProGrip!

These were all taken at an absolutely beautiful garden we visited in Yokohama. It was a bit dark and I was hand-holding my camera with my chest harness. As a result, a lot of the pictures were quite blurry. But, as I have said to many people, bird photography is partly a numbers game. Take enough pictures and you are bound to get some good ones!

I recorded "A Time For Us" on my Yamaha P-515. Many people know that song as the love theme from "Romeo and Juliet." Another classic song recorded by Andy Williams!

I wanted to share with you some information on a new tool I just purchased, the ShiftCam ProGrip. Here is the link to the web site:

I discovered this wonderful accessory after coming back from our trip to Yokohama. With the exception of the bird photography, all of the photos from that trip were taken with my iPhone 15 Pro Max. As I was doing all that photography, it occurred to me how easy it would be to accidentally drop that expensive phone while photographing! These phones are definitely not designed for the kind of secure hand-holding we get with traditional cameras. 

I found this product on the Apple web site. Given the trust that I have for Apple products, I thought it would be a good investment. The reviews I found were very positive. While it is pretty expensive, I think it is worth every penny for those of us who are using our phones consistently for photography! 

Here are the key components.

  1. It has a clamp system that can securely hold any phone.
  2. It can be easily rotated from landscape to portrait mode.
  3. The ProGrip can be put on a desk in a self-standing position. This is great for viewing purposes.
  4. This mechanism has Bluetooth that is easy to set up. A person can then use the ProGrip shutter button to take pictures. 
  5. This tool is able to wirelessly charge the phone while it is connected with Bluetooth.
  6. This tool can be charged with a USB "C" cable. 
  7. The tool has a hand-strap that can be adjusted for length. Using the hand-strap and the grip provide for a very secure and firm holding position for taking pictures. 
  8. The grip enables a person to easily avoid having any fingers in front of the lens. 

In short, I think this is a fabulous tool that will make it easier to take photos with any phone while also providing improved protection. It is equipment like this that is pushing me to take more and more photos with a phone rather than with a regular camera.

The joys of modern technology! 

Happy Holidays!



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