A Tribute to Our Seattle Folks!

There are not many songs that pertain to Seattle. One of the few is a song titled "Seattle" that was written by Hugo Montenegro back in the late 60's. It was used in the television show "Here Come The Brides." My recording of this beautiful song is dedicated to my brother and his family as they live in that great city. Love to Drum and Monique and all!

These are again photos from our amazing trip to Kyoto. I took 3000 photos in 5 days! Glorious sights! The orange posts are from the world famous Fushimiinari-taisha Shrine. The stairs wind up for a mile as you walk through the passageway that goes between the posts! Amazing! It was a little challenging to get photos without humans in them as there were so many people. However, the further up I got, the fewer the people. Luck and patience!

The other two photos are from the Byodo-in Temple. Again, what an exquisite site! A fun story. I was photographing the Temple when I got a phone call from Setsuko. She was literally standing a few hundred feet away. However, she did not want to leave her spot as she had sighted the beautiful great blue heron that is pictured in this post. After getting over my petty frustration from being interrupted, I joined Setsuko and took 300-400 pictures of that bird as it was so close!

Thank you to Setsuko for making this such a memorable trip!

All the best,



  1. Bob, I also love this music. The great blue Heron... All I can say is wow. What an awesome bird. Thank you for sharing. The shrine pictures are amazing, as are all of your photographs. Thanks for always sharing the best of Japan with us. -June


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