To the Colorado Heckelmanns!

When I think of Colorado and music, I think of John Denver. This is a recording I did of one of my favorite Denver songs, Perhaps Love.

I would like to dedicate this song to my sister and her family, as they have lived in the Denver area for many years. Ty and family, I hope you enjoy this song!

The pictures were again taken during our trip to Kyoto. The picture with the bridge in it was taken at the Imperial Palace, the former home of the Japanese King and Queen. What a beautiful garden! 

Another one of the highlights from this trip was spending time with Dana and his family. They used to live in Oregon, where we had the good fortune of working with Dana and his two sons in our tennis program. The younger son, Ryoma, is now an up and coming star on a university tennis team.  Go Ryoma!

Dana is extremely bright and has traveled the world doing corporate development work. In the process, he has been at the cutting edge of that industry. I had the good fortune of going for a long walk with Dana through the beautiful countryside near their home, just outside of Osaka. In the process, Dana shared some of his pearls of wisdom. What a treat!

All the best,



  1. Hey Roy, Wow, thank you for the dedication and the beautiful song. We are so glad you are making the most of your new environment. The pictures are amazing. It is also wonderful you connected with friends that used to live in Oregon. Love to you, Setsuko and family! xoxo Ty joined by family

  2. Glad you enjoyed the song and pictures! Lots of love, Roy


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