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I recorded this version of Sounds of Silence on my Yamaha P-515. As you will soon see, by coincidence, the timing of this recording is right on!

These pictures were taken at a fire burning event at the Tama River, about two miles from our house. This is a New Year's tradition in Japan. The idea is that people will pray for a good start to the new year. 

One of the blessings about moving to Japan has been having the time to read and do research. One of my favorite but complex and emotional topics is that of climate change. One of the things that has made that topic so difficult to deal with is the lack of conversation about climate change. This is just not a topic that has been discussed much if at all in my social circles. As the song suggests, it seems we have "Sounds of Silence" when it comes to talking about climate change!

With this in mind, I am hoping to set up some climate change forums. My idea is that I would host these forums by Zoom. Anyone with the link could attend. The purpose of these forums would be to give folks a chance to share their thoughts and concerns and questions and actions related to climate change. What do people think about climate change? Are they concerned? If yes, why? If not, why? What questions do people have about climate change? What actions are they taking or do they want to take related to climate change?

The goal would be to support each other and listen to each other and work to understand each other as we share our thoughts. The goal would not be to argue or debate or solve any particular climate problems. 

Please reply by comment or email me at I will then get back to you with possible dates and times for this forum. 

I think many of us are feeling pretty isolated when it comes to dealing with climate change. I am hoping we can support each other as we move forward to tackle this immense issue. 

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