One Thing Led To Another!


The top two photos were again taken at the Tamacho Cemetery. I experimented with taking some close-up shots. I am pleased with the results! The statue is the same shot I took before at the Jokyu-ji Temple. I love that statue!

I have continued to struggle with all the bad news related to our environment. It does not make it any easier that there is a certain amount of discord and controversy related to this issue. In addition, the details can be incredibly confusing and hard to understand! With this in mind, I did a search today for environmental organizations. I am not one to spend much time feeling sorry for myself! In the process, I discovered an extensive site titled Feedspot:  

I paid the $5 per month cost and dove in! On the left hand side, under "Following," the site has a link for "Environmental Forums." I clicked on that and was taken to an extensive list of environmental articles and posts. As I scrolled down I found a fascinating article titled

"Joe Biden must declare a climate emergency. And he must do so now."

As so often happens with research, one thing lead to another and I discovered the book written by Kalmus, "Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution." As I started to explore that book, I found a reference to the "Citizens' Climate Lobby." I was very impressed with this organization, so I joined!  One cool thing is that they have a Tokyo chapter. I will keep you posted!

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