A New Friend!

 I think this photo captures some of the tranquility and beauty of the temples and shrines in Japan. For my run this morning, I think I went to at least four different temples, all within a mile and a half of where we are staying. Amazing! Just as amazing is the combination of shapes and angles and colors and shades. Many of these temples have cemeteries next to them. The cemeteries themselves are quite photogenic!

Another blessing this morning was that it appears I found my first friend in Japan, besides family. I was running very slowly and another runner approached me and asked me where I was from. We ran together for a bit and then exchanged phone numbers. His name is Alkato. We are going to get together for a run soon! How cool is that!

One thing I am enjoying is the tranquility and peacefulness for the temple grounds. The early morning hours have been heavenly in that regard!


  1. Bob, these temples are gorgeous. What a great idea—an early morning running routine touring the temples. Talk about peace of mind!

    1. Thanks for your compliment! Yes, these experiences have been about as peaceful as can be! All the best, Bob

  2. Roy, we are so glad you made a new friend who is not family! We look forward to hearing aobut the new house. Did the closing go well on July 3? I know you mentioned not receiving the keys until July 10. Is that still the plan? Love, Ty joined by Mark P.S. Please let us know your new phone number and if you will have an international texting plan or if we should email, use the blog or WhatsApp.

    1. Thanks Ty! I just emailed my phone number to family members. Closing has been pushed back to July 7th. All the best, Bob


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