A Flower Fiesta!


OK, I have figuratively died and gone to heaven! I cannot believe the quality of these photos for a hand-held phone! These were all taken at Kyodo No Mori Park in Fuchu, just 1.5 miles from our motel. The park has several ponds that are home to these water lillies,. The word got out as there were a number of other photographers taking advantage of nature's flower show. What a treat!

Speaking of treats, I am really enjoying exploring the different neighborhoods. In terms of a comparison with the United States, Japan has many very narrow pedestrian pathways that connect the different neighborhoods. When going in these pathways from the downtown areas, I feel like I am entering another world! 

The Japanese are very strict about pedestrian crossings. It is a big no-no to cross the street if the pedestrian light is not green. This can be a bit frustrating when there is no car to be seen! However, I have been a good boy and have been obeying those signals!


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