The Joy of Jack!


Jack loves tennis! His backhand may not be as good as the player in this shot from Wimbledon, but Jack can still hit a nice ball! I met Jack shortly after I moved to Lane County in 1990. As a tennis coach at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, I coached one of his former number one players. Jack and I "hit it off "immediately, in more ways than one! We started a tradition that included work on one of his rentals, tennis, and then lunch. Another part of our tradition was my attempt to hit 500 shots in a row. Those shots had to land within the singles lines, using five different position combinations. If I missed before shot number 25 for one of the five combinations, I could start over on that combination. Jack would try to make me miss! How rude! I guess his strategies worked, as I only hit the 500 goal three times in ten years!

I worked with many of his players during the off season and also worked with some on a year-round. basis This collaboration paid off as Junction City won several state titles during this time period. In addition, Jack sponsored the Scandinavian Festival Tennis Tourney, a tourney that I started and ran for thirty years. Jack has a great sense of humor and a true love of life. I am honored that when we needed a place after selling our house, Jack offered us one of his rentals. What a treat to spend some time with this fine gentleman before we depart for Japan. I will always treasure the many great times we shared and the uplifting spirit that is so much a part of who Jack is. Thanks Jack for the Joy!


  1. What a wonderful story !

    1. Thank you! Jack is a wonderful person!


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