Retirement? Well, sort of!


This shot from the Canadian Rockies captures some of my true loves: the outdoors, the mountains, the water, and the trails. A perfect photo to help me as I contemplate the major changes happening in my life.

I was thinking about the constants. Those include the following.

  1. Playing, teaching, and coaching tennis: 59 years
  2. Working with kids and young people: 51 years
  3. Running: 44 years
  4. Playing the piano: 44 years
  5. Serious commitment to good nutrition: 42 years 
  6. Serious commitment to recycling and environmental actions: 42 years
  7. Serious commitment to personal development: 42 years
  8. Strength training: 33 years
  9. Marriages: 28 years
  10. Cycling: 25 years
  11. Special education teaching: 16 years
  12. Serious commitment to quality reading: 15 years

While I am very proud of those commitments, I know I am ready for change. However, no one ever said that change would be easy! When I really think about it, it is tough for me to imagine not being in a classroom this fall. It is tough for me to imagine not coaching tennis in the spring. It is tough for me to imagine not running a year-round tennis training program.

To be honest, in some ways, this change feels like a divorce or a death in the family. I guess that is the price we pay when we make these kinds of decisions that bring about such serious change. The good news? In my heart of hearts, I feel like I am doing the right thing. It is my turn to support Setsuko, her two adult daughters, and her two grandchildren. The next commitment starts now!


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