Good News and Bad News

 I believe this was taken at a bird aviary on the east coast in 2010. So much fun to catch birds with their mouths wide open!

Let's start with the bad news. I was about to make a right hand turn in the car this morning. Setsuko and I were in a bit of a hurry, so I was in a bit of an impatient mood. I looked to the left and figured that I could make the turn, but I would need to do it quickly because a car was coming. I did not pay close enough attention to the pedestrian who was to our right. As I started to turn right, the "walk" sign came on and the pedestrian started to walk. Fortunately, my reflexes were fast enough for me to slam on the brakes and stop before hitting the pedestrian. I then apologized to that person. A stern reminder for me to drive more defensively!

Now the good news. I sent my final Lane County farewell notice by text and email tonight. I received 30 responses! Those responses were so gracious and kind and appreciative. Those responses are also not making it any easier to leave!

I am convinced that our move is the right choice and that the time is right to make that move. I feel blessed to have had such a positive impact on so many people. I also feel blessed to have been inspired by so many people. May the blessings and the inspiration continue! So it is with longevity! Thank you to everyone!


  1. I can relate, recently tried to back my car out of the garage with a door open last time I was in a hurry , don't recommend it.
    Thanks for all the positive energy you gave to tennis here and good luck to you and Setsko on your new adventure.

    1. Thanks very much and good luck to you! Bob


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