Best Environmentally Friendly Car For Japan?


Another colorful shot from the slot canyons of Arizona! If only buying a car for Japan had the same sense of simplicity!

Ah, the world of decision-making! Hybrid? All electric? Gas and Electric? What's best???? What about the production of the energy for these different cars? Use of coal? Nuclear power? Other?

The following information is taken from this web site:

According to that article (written in July of 2021), "Japan is transitioning to 100% electric car sales by 2035." 


The following is taken from this web site:

According to that article, written in January 4, 2023, the following is how electricity was produced in Japan in 2021.

  1. Natural Gas: 34.4%
  2. Coal: 31%
  3. Renewables: 20.3%
  4. Petroleum and Waste: 7.4%
  5. Nuclear: 6.9%


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