The Rainbow Bridge and a Good Deal of Good Fortune!


I realize I may be prone to exaggerations! With that in mind, I think our trip this past weekend broke all kinds of photography records for this kid! 1000 photos in one day! So, kick back and let me introduce you to the amazing Rainbow Bridge!

The Rainbow Bridge is a gorgeous suspension bridge in downtown Tokyo. It goes across Tokyo Bay to Odaiba. The name comes from the fact that lights on the bridge flash different colors throughout the night. 

Our timing was impeccable as we got to our motel before the light show started. Speaking of our motel, that was our first bit of good fortune. I made the good move of asking Setsuko if we could get a room with a view of the bridge. Although it was a little expensive, she nailed that big time! In addition, from a photography perspective, we sometimes have to pay a little extra to get to the best locations.

We had a dinner reservation for 7:30. That meant we had an hour for my first round of photography. I had a ball! However, little did I know, Setsuko had discovered the real secret!

After good fortune number two, a fabulous buffet meal, I told Setsuko I was tired and ready to crash. She then showed me one of her pictures of the Statue of Liberty look-a-like. My third bit of good fortune! So much for being tired! I was back in action! I then spent two hours finding every angle I could find that included the statue and the bridge. I think the results are pretty stunning! That statue changes colors about every thirty seconds. I think I captured just about all of its colors and the various tints! 

The other picture was taken the next day on the boat ride from Odaiba to Tokyo. Good fortune number four was that boat ride! I snapped a number of shots with my iPhone 14 Pro, including the one pictured above. Once again, I was blown away by the ability of the iPhone camera to capture sharp images while the boat was moving!

I cannot thank Setsuko enough for this amazing trip! You will be seeing more results as I have 62 images that I think could be published. A record setter!

All the best!



  1. Hey Roy, Amazing pictures! What a fun adventure! We hope your back is healing well! Love, Ty joined by Mark

    1. Thanks Ty! My back is much better! Love, Roy


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