I Love My Work!


As I said before, the photo trip from this past weekend was truly out of this world! The first shot is another bright capture of the Rainbow Bridge. The white egret photo was taken the next morning, and the water/sky/boat shot was taken with my iPhone 14 Pro on the boat ride back to Tokyo. What a treat!

Speaking of treats, I feel like my work is such a treat! I am really enjoying it! The English class is reading The Crucible, Geometry is working on slope and line equations, and the Stagecraft class is finishing the safety test. Fascinating stuff! My job is to modify the work so my student can understand and process and synthesize this material.

It has been wonderful to see my student have some success in his classes. While he still has a long ways to go, he is moving in the right direction when it comes to engagement, attendance, social interaction, and skills improvement. At this point, very encouraging!

 It is also a treat to put all of my energy into the classes that my one on one student is taking. This gives me the luxury of spending a boat load of time with the curriculum and materials, time that I never had when I was working at North. I am fortunate!

The staff has been incredibly gracious and supportive and helpful. While I certainly miss the staff at North, I feel fortunate to be part of this new group. I also feel fortunate to have a schedule that has me working every other day. Just to preserve that schedule, I decided to not volunteer with the tennis program. I am getting my tennis fix by hitting with Setsuko. It does not get any better than that!

All the best,



  1. Hey Roy, We are so glad you are enjoying your work! The photos are amazing! All the best to you, Setsuko and family! Love and hugs, Ty joined by Mark 🥰


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