Hair, Bikes, and Exercise!

 You may be wondering what hair and bikes and exercise have to do with each other! Well, here we go!

You might remember that I paid $450 to have someone here in Japan put together my first bike. I certainly did not want to go through that again with my second bike!

I had the good fortune of checking in with my friend Stuart. He is a genius at coming up with solutions! When I told him about my situation, he said he had just the fix. He has a friend, Mr. Hara, who has done a great job with his wife's hair. That friend is also a bike fan. He said that his friend would set up my bike at no cost. Stuart said that as a form of gratitude, it would be good for me to schedule a hair appointment. Wow! 

Now, this all seems so simple, but.... I have cut my own hair for at least 30 years! We are talking some serious invasion of my space to let someone else mess with my head! However, it was truly a no-brainer, as I was not about to pay another $450 for this operation! 

I have been a part of many different connections in my life. But, a hair cut and bike construction? That is a new one! However, all is well! Mr. Hara did a great job on my bike. He even came to our house to do the work! Then it was my turn. Little did I know that I was going to lose twenty pounds worth of hair!

One of my hair-cutting goals has always been to keep my big ears covered with hair. So much for that! Despite my hair loss, it was a great experience! He was very gracious and made the event very relaxing. He certainly has earned a new customer! The enclosed picture is the end result. 

I honestly think I could now go undercover as I do not think my friends and family will recognize me!

And back to exercise! I have put the links to these machines at the bottom of this post. Two of the best and most important exercises are knee raises and back extensions. The knee raises exercise is very good for the abdominal muscles and is generally considered safer for the low back. The back extension exercise is one of the most effective exercises to help with the low back muscles. 

We had similar machines in Springfield, but decided to not bring them to Japan. I just purchased these machines and put them together yesterday. My body is loving the reunion!

Here is to good hair, good cycling, and healthy muscles!

All the best,



  1. Hey Roy, Your haircut looks fantastic! How awesome your second bike is set-up. It is funny, as your links take us to a Japanese version of Amazon. I will have to figure out how to convert to English! Love and Hugs, Ty

  2. Ty, thanks for your nice message. Yes, this is the version for those of us who live in Japan. I believe that these products are just available to those of us who live in Japan. The opposite is true for many if not most of the products on the Amazon US page. With that in mind, I think there is a language setting in the upper right corner. Lots of love, Roy

  3. Hi Bob, Your haircut is wonderful. I am so glad that you made that friendship connection and saved yourself $450.00. Life has been quite interesting here. I just finished two hard classes for my coding degree. One was Statistics, and it was quite hard. Only two more classes to go, then my certificate. I sure do miss you my friend and think about you all of the time. I will write more later. -June

    1. Thanks June! Good luck with your coding degree work! I miss you as well! All the best, Bob


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