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Yet another nice shot from the Jindai Botanical Garden!

It was requested that I have a "Subscribe" option so people will know when I have done an update. Ask and you shall receive! I believe it is done! You should now see a "Subscribe" option on the home page of this blog. Please let me know if it does not work!

The question was asked about how I could be doing interval training when my back is sore. Here is my response.

The back is an interesting part of the body. Fortunately, this back injury was muscle related. Those muscles are much better now. However, for the first week, they were very stiff, especially after sitting. Despite this, with a careful 20 minute walking warm-up, I have been able to loosen up those muscles so that I can run at a decent pace. The other thing is that those back muscles have responded very well to the stair running movement. As a result, I have been able to do that movement at full speed. There is actually a name for this kind of workout. It is called High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. It is a form of interval training that involves short fast spurts and has become very popular, as a person can get a high quality workout in a shorter period of time. 

I will post more about HIIT training!

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