Persistence Pays!



These were all taken at the Kyodo Museum and Park. The Museum is gorgeous! Waterfalls and streams and lots of greenery. It does not get much better than that!

What can get better is my photography! What you do not see are all the bad photos! I rode my bike and transported my professional gear. However, I did not bring my tripod as that would have been too much. I did not do a very good job of getting the water shots in focus, so most of the shots taken with the pro gear did not turn out well. However, fortunately, the first and eighth shots are the exception. I did do quite a bit of editing on both those shots. With that in mind, I think those two turned out very well.

All the other shots were taken with my iPhone 14 Pro. What a camera that phone has! 

I wanted to take some Lilly shots but my 100-400 lens did not have enough focal length to bring the Lilly up to a decent size. Next time, I am going to take my EOS R5 mirror-less camera and the 800 lens. I should then have plenty of lens focal length and power!


  1. All of these pics are wonderful.

  2. Thanks June! All the best, Bob


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