A Balanced Approach to Teaching


Here are some additional shots of the Nijubashi Bridge and the Watchtower behind the bridge. These were all taken in the morning, so the sun was at my back. Nice lighting!

I have a second meeting with the American School this Friday, August 18th. Time for more reflections!

I would like to talk about a balanced approach to teaching. I think such an approach includes the following.

  1. My mission
    1. My mission is to contribute to the well being of our planet and its inhabitants. This mission statement can help drive my thoughts and actions.
  2. Collaboration
    1. Parents
    2. Teachers
    3. The student
      1. I think it is very important that we value the input from the student.
    4. Other staff members
    5. "Two heads are better than one." I think this is so true when it comes to working with students. Each person or group has a different perspective and has different contributions to make. 
  3. Looking forward
    1. As students move through high school, I think it is very important to consider the student's future.
    2. What does the student want to do after high school?
    3. What does the student need to focus on to get through high school?
    4. What skills does the student need to develop to prepare for the future?
    5. What can we all do to help the student develop mental and emotional and physical skills that will enable the student to have a satisfying future? 
  4. Motivation and Engagement
    1. In terms of school and academics, what motivates the student?
    2. What helps the student engage with the curriculum?
    3. How can the student's interests be incorporated into the curriculum? 
    4. Working with members of the student's team, what can I do to make the curriculum as engaging as possible for the student? 
  5. Communication
    1. How can I most effectively communicate with the student?
    2. How can I communicate most effectively with other members of the student's team? 
  6. Assessment
    1. How are we going to measure the student's level of success?
  7. Skill Development
    1. It is very important to help the student develop the key skills of reading, writing, and math. 
  8. Varied Curriculum
    1. How can we expose the student to a curriculum that is rich and varied and as comprehensive as possible? 
  9. Resources
    1. How can maximize the resources available to the student? 
  10. Growth Mindset
    1. How can we model a "Growth Mindset" and then help the student develop such a mindset? 

No one said it would be simple and easy!

All the best and thank you to all the teachers of the world!



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