Toyota Breaks Customer Service Record!


I love the shapes and angles and plants in this temple shot from this morning. What architectural and landscaping beauty!


We just had the most unbelievable customer service experience ever! Here is what happened.

We are in the process of buying a Toyota Sienta car.

We went today to do a test drive of that car.

The sales person agreed to allow us to go to our motel in the Sienta we were test driving and pick up my bike and take it to a local bike shop that my wife likes. We have been looking for a shop to put together this very expensive, high-end racing bike, A Co-Motion Camino.

That shop said they could not set up my bike.

The Toyota sales person said he would keep the bike and help us find a shop that would put together my bike. 

The Toyota sales person called five other bike shops! All five said no to setting up my bike.

My wife then called a shop called "RERIDE" and the owner said he would set up my bike.

As we speak, the Toyota sales person is delivering my bike to RERIDE. Unbelievable!

Toyota has certainly earned our service! I can hardly wait to start riding again!

All the best,  Bob


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