Life Reflections


These are more temple and cemetery shots. I have not been able to take new photos these past few days because of our work to get our house organized.

This unpacking process has prompted me to reflect on my past. So many memories tied to all these objects! I have a wonderful shot of my sister with a couple of kids from Senegal. That picture was taken during her stint in the Peace Corps. The picture was so well liked by her supervisors that they used that picture for a Peace Corps stamp. How cool is that!

I have been fortunate enough to have won some awards related to tennis and competitive running. I won the 1989 Crater Lake 6.7 Rim race. What a gorgeous setting! In 2005, I was given the international Star Award for tennis community service. That was particularly memorable as Setsuko was able to join me for the awards ceremony in Miami, Florida. That was the start of our courtship!

Far more important than the awards are the gratifying experiences I have had as a serious competitor, coach, teacher, husband, and as a human being committed to living a meaningful life. Although the setting is new and the lifestyle is different, I certainly plan to continue to do what I can to stay healthy and do what I can to make life better for others. I am fortunate that I now have some choices about how to partake in this new endeavor!


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