Life Again and Again!


So much of life is about repetition! Today was my third or fourth visit to the gorgeous Okunitama-jinja Shrine. Each time I go, I see something different! That is the way it is with serious high end photography. Those photographers go back to certain scenes again and again. They keep looking for that unique and perfect shot.

The red building is the Ono Shrine, another member of the Japanese unique structure club!

Tomorrow, our repetition and practice and execution moves us one step closer to the final stage of our move to Japan. We will be moving into our new house, although we will not have any furniture and other possessions until July 17th. 

One of the reasons Setsuko and I make a good team is that we both have the discipline to continually apply and repeat the little steps necessary to make big changes. In many ways, the changes do not get much bigger than this!


  1. These pics are some of my faves. Thank you Bob for sharing Japan with us.

    1. Thanks June! All the best, Bob


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