Finding My Bearings at the Racecourse!


The mix of older and newer architecture in the Fuchu/Tokyo area is very impressive! This is a shot I took of the entrance to the Tokyo Racecourse during a nice run this morning. With the help of my iPhone, I was able to successfully navigate a three mile run. Progress!

The Tokyo Racecourse is quite an impressive facility. It is huge, to say the least! It was built in 1933. According to the source listed below, it has a capacity of 223,000 and seating for 13,750. Those figures make this the highest capacity horse racing facility in the world! The perimeter of the course itself is just over a mile. If you include the grounds, the overall perimeter of the facility increases to 1.5 miles or  a little more. 

To say the least, this horse racing is big business. For just the Japan Cup, there is 6 million dollars tied to that event! Catch this! In 2021, the betting turnover for the Japan Racing Association races totaled close to 32 trillion Yen or 7 billion dollars!

In addition to the facility, there is some wonderful landscaping and a beautiful garden. I would like to gain entrance just to see that part of the facility! 

It is truly incredible to me that there are so many people interested in watching horses go around a track. However, given the facility and the number of spectators, one can certainly feel the potential excitement! In addition, many people have a love affair with gambling. This is one big-time way to satisfy that desire.


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