Feast For the Eyes!


I was thinking that I needed to wait until I have my professional camera equipment. I forgot that I can take decent photos with my iPhone. So much fun!

These are all pictures from our first full day in Japan. Amazingly enough, despite the fact that it is the start of the rainy season, the weather is gorgeous today! The first picture is of the Okunetama Shrine, a very cool site that is five minutes from where we are staying in Fuchu. The second picture is of the entrance to the Tokyo Racecourse, the most famous horse racing racecourse in Japan. The third picture is of the Anyo-ji Temple in Fuchu.

We had quite the shopping experience today! We bought a high end photography printer, a microwave, and other appliances at K's Denki. I have never seen so many employees in one store! I swear that they had a employee stationed in just about every aisle of the whole store! At one time, we had four different employees helping us! It was probably the most responsive customer service I have ever experienced. How do they make any money when they have to pay so many folks?


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