Down and Out and Takahatafudo Round 3!


Round 3 of photos for the beautiful Takahatafudo site. I can hardly wait to go back there when the sun is shining!

I am sure, like me, you have never made the mistake of lecturing someone when they are down and out. I only wish that were true! Live and learn! I found the following site with some excellent advice in this regard.

I love the title of this web site by Robert Carr, "How To Live A Meaningful life." Here are some highlights.

  1. People may not want to hear the truth. The timing may be better for a believable lie. What does the other person want at this time?
  2. Timing is everything. Does the other person really want my honest opinion at this time? Am I invading that person's personal space by giving my opinion?
  3. We need to find a balance between being genuine and not hurting the feelings of the other person. Again, timing is critical. It can also be helpful to ask the other person if they want our feedback.
  4. We need to be careful to not use our power or authority to justify communicating honestly. Just because we have more power than another person, that does not justify being honest and hurting the feelings of another person.
  5. People sometimes just want us to listen and not give advice. In these cases, brutal honesty and clearly stated opinions may fall on deaf ears!
 Thanks Robert!
All the best,


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