Cycling with the Planes and Loving the Caligraphy!


These are photos of a calligraphy display at the fitness center I have been using. The translations from "Google Translate" did not make much sense. I think the purpose of these is to advertise an upcoming class on writing calligraphy. These prints sure are gorgeous!

I continued my exploration efforts this morning by doing a nice ride along the Nagawa River. However, the path is narrow and there are a lot of cross streets, so it was hard to build up and maintain much speed. I returned to our house on the main roads. One of those roads went parallel to the Chofu Airport. I was also able to cut through the Musashino-no-Mori Park. I want to explore that route again as it had some nice cycling space!


  1. Hi Bob, Something I don't think you know about me is I do calligraphy. I fell in love with it as a child, and my parents bought me some pens and ink, and I was off to the races. I have lettered several certificates etc. for a lot of people. I really enjoy doing calligraphy. The problem is i am critical of myself, and strive for perfection.

    1. June, that is very cool! I would love to see some of your calligraphy! All the best, Bob


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