Cycling, Temples and the Blazing Sun!

 These are all pictures taken of the Seigan-ji Temple. Please check my "Temples Details" page for more details. This is another example of the aesthetic and geometric beauty of these temples. The Japanese sure do know how to create some gorgeous buildings and monuments!

I took my first longer bike ride today, almost 11 miles to and from the Tama River. Felt great to be back on the bike! I do need to be careful as I almost got hit going around a blind corner close to our home. It is going to take some time to get used to these narrow streets. 

It is another warm day as it is currently 97 degrees and is supposed to hit 99! Call me a little crazy, but I have a different way of dealing with the heat. I try to use air conditioning as little as possible so that the heat is not as much of a  shock when I go outside. That seems to work for me as the heat does not seem to slow me down. I just sweat up a storm and drink gallons of water!

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