Bike Price Shocker!


 The photos are of the Kokubunji Temple, a mile and a half north of our motel. Another interesting and unique site! I love the colors and the angles and the shapes! When I take shots from different perspectives and not just from standing front and middle, I get some very fascinating effects!

Interesting, but not quite so positive, is the price tag for having my bike put together. At this point, it appears that price tag is around $450. Ouch! We have not yet picked up the bike, so we do not have the details. The mechanic did say that there were some broken parts. However, I did not think it would be $450 worth of broken parts! Oh well!

I will continue to work on finding a bike shop with whom I can have a long-term relationship. I was definitely spoiled by Len, the owner of Len's Bikes in Springfield. He is amazing!

Speaking of amazing, I continue to be amazed at the intricacies of customer service in Japan. For a country that I think prides itself on efficiency, the customer service focus seems to be on relationships and extensive communication. In short, there is one heck of a lot of talking going on! Unfortunately, I cannot understand any of it! For all I know, they could be talking about the weather! I am going to try and use Google Translate to see if I can catch some of the meaning.


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