A House, Some Temples, Tennis, and a lot of Heat!


I cannot tell you how many times in life my first impressions turned out to be way off base. Such was the case with these pictures. At first glance, I was not happy with them. However, they have definitely grown on me, especially with some editing! They are all pictures of temples and cemeteries adjacent to those temples. It is fascinating to me how elaborate some of those gravestones are!

We are in our new house with no furniture! All of the items that were shipped will be delivered on July 17th. The plot thickens!

Setsuko reserved a tennis court for today, so we had the pleasure of playing tennis when it was 99 degrees, with 75% humidity, and with a Dew Point of 75. Yes, it was toasty! Speaking of toasty, I decided to pick this day, of all days, to get lost in Japan for the first time. The vast majority of the time, Siri and the iPhone are extremely reliable. However, on this glorious scorcher of a day, Siri did not recognize my new address and had me going in circles until I finally put Siri to sleep and figured out the way by myself. So much for modern technology!


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