Outgoing vs. Quiet


This is a shot from the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. Ever since I discovered this view, it has been one of my favorites as it just feels so peaceful and tranquil and serene.

As much as I love peace and quiet, I am also very comfortable processing issues and concerns. It can be challenging for people like me to interact with people who tend to be more quiet. When I did a Google search on this topic, I was taken to the web site for Dan Rockwell. He has some wonderful words of wisdom. Thanks Dan!


  • Never assume quiet is weak and loud is strong.
  • Talkers want to talk it out. 
  • Quiet people enjoy thinking it out.
  • Honor their strengths
  • Respect their ability to commit
  • Give them prep time. Don't spring things on them.
  • Don’t assume silence is disagreement or consent. Just don’t assume.
  • Enjoy silence. Give them space by closing your mouth.
  • Ask questions, after you’ve given them think-time.
And all this time, I thought everyone else acted and responded the same way as me! I had a feeling I had it all wrong!


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