I Love Hummingbirds! Allergies? Not so much!


To see this picture full frame, please click on "Read More" and then click on the picture. Believe it or not, this was taken in our back yard at our former home in Springfield. I was in the back yard when this hummingbird appeared. In hopes that it would stay, I ran and got my mirror-less camera and headed back to the yard. I was so lucky as this bird stayed in the yard for 20 minutes!

Like too many people in the Willamette Valley, I struggle with allergies in the spring. It seems they typically really hit in early June, like right now! I have never paid much attention to the pollen counts, but I thought it would be interesting to gather some information.

This first reading is from Pollen.com. According to the site, today's reading is 10.3. Yesterday was 9.7. It looks like the highest recently was on June 5th. Monday's level is supposed to go down and then Tuesday-Thursday are supposed to be similar to today.

According to Oregon Allergy Associates, today's "GRASS IS VERY HIGH AT 404,  which is double the level to achieve a very high level (200/cubic meter)! The count is still very high but we have probably reached the peak of grass pollen for the year." I really hope that is true!


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