Family Chemistry


I love the challenge of trying to capture the beauty of streams and rivers and waterfalls. I was very pleased with this photo of a stream we saw during our Stehekin trip in 2018.

It is sad to me that so many families struggle with family chemistry. My father went to his death bed not communicating with his sister. My mom had very little contact with her sister for many years. I was talking to a friend about his mother and father. He said that his father needs full-time care. His mother really wants to spend some time traveling, but her husband is not physically able to do that. The adult children are willing to help take care of their father so their mom could travel. However, the mother does not want to leave her husband for fear that he will die in her absence. She is not willing to relinquish that control, despite the fact that the control is causing her to be living an unhappy life. Ouch!

I had an unpleasant interaction at the gym this morning. I could have done nothing and the unpleasantness would live on and on. Even though the situation was not really my fault, I chose to say "I am sorry for what happened." Those words were all it took to eliminate the tension. How much better would lives be if we were all willing to make ourselves more vulnerable, take some responsibility for what happened, and show more empathy toward others. 

Speaking for myself, I am trying to work hard at nurturing all of the relationships in my life. I treasure those relationships. In the case of family, I hope I can provide as much support as possible while I am still capable of providing that support. I then hope I am worthy of receiving the same support when I am in need. I truly believe that "what goes around, comes around!"

I am very thankful for the amazing relationships I have had over the last 33 years in Lane County. It has been priceless to hear such wonderful words from my students and co-workers about the impact I have had on many people. My hope is that I can nurture the same kinds of relationships in Japan. My hope is that my future relationships will continue to inspire me to keep giving and giving. "It is in giving that we receive."


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