A Tribute To Willamalane!


I took this picture of a Bufflehead in Seattle back in 2005! That was 13 years after the start of my relationship with Willamalane, the parks district in Springfield, Oregon.

The first Willamalane Recreation Director I worked with was Rand Gerlach. What a treat to work with Rand! Today, I had lunch with the final recreation supervisor of my Willamalane career, Spenser Lind. Another gem of a human being!

I said to Spenser that he reminds me of the famous Robert Kennedy quote, "Some men see things as they are and ask, ""Why?"" I dream things that never were and ask, ""Why not?" 

Spenser is one of the people who sees possibilities. I am also one of those people. My history with Willamalane included expanding the outdoor programs, leasing covered tennis courts at the University of Oregon, running tournaments and other forms of competitions, running tennis camps, private lessons, and promoting special events scheduled to attract new players. Lastly, the Bob Keefer indoor multi-purpose tennis courts are named after my mom, due to a generous donation from her estate. My hope is that legacy will live on and on! Thank you Willamalane for 31 amazing years!


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