Japanese Language

 Hi there, my name is Bob!     Watashi no namae (nah mah eh) wa Bob desu!

Good morning                         ohayou gozaimasu

Good afternoon                        Kon-nichi-wa

Good evening                            Kon (con)-ban (bahn)-wa

Thank you                                Arigato

Thank you very much                Domo arigato

Thank you (more formal)            Arigato gozaimasu

You are welcome                    Douitashima shite

I do not speak Japanese          nihongo hanasemasen      or sumimasen, nihongo wo hanashimasen

Saburo, Arakaki. Japanese For Beginners Phrasebook: Learn The Most Frequently Used Phrases, Expressions, And Vocabulary Words For Travelers And Enthusiasts (p. 8). Kindle Edition. 


There is nothing like the change of colors that comes with the start of fall. I am very excited about the related photo opportunities!

When I first starting photographing in the Tama Cemetery, I focused on the amazing and gorgeous tombstones. With the photos pictured here, I was focusing on the photogenic trees. More to come!

Now that life has started to show some indications of structure and normalcy, it is time for me to follow through with the promise I made to Setsuko to learn the Japanese language. That is going to be a challenge! 

This adventure started with a free class offered in our community. I had a feeling that things may be a bit rocky when my volunteer instructor admitted that I was his first beginning student. Off to a great start! The second bad omen was when we started working with a textbook. He showed me the two books that he had chosen. I told him I liked the book that had English translations. He decided we should use the other book. Oh boy!

To make a long story short, he went way too fast and overwhelmed me in no time at all! This was such a great reminder of what it is like to be a student! I have not had that experience for a long time! It also reminded me how important it is to meet the student where the student is at.

I am supposed to meet with that same instructor in two weeks. However, I asked Setsuko to cancel that session. Instead, I will be working with two online programs, Mondly and Busuu. Both programs are very engaging, go very slowly, do lots of repetition and review, use great visuals, and give the student opportunities to repeat material. Bring it on!

All the best,





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