First Run to the Tama River!


I love the contrasting colors of the bricks in the top photo. The bottom photo is of a cemetery next to one of the temples I visited during my run on 7/6/23. I love the geometric shapes!

Today, I went for a run with my new friend Alkato.  He gave me a wonderful tour of the area, including a short stint along the Tama River. We also ran by a very nice garden park, Kyoudo no Mori Kouen. Exciting to see a new area! He was a very gracious host as he told me about his life and his travels and work in different countries. He retired from his job with Yamaha and now has his own business. He and I share a love of running and good health and good relationships. In addition, like me, he likes to have goals and finds motivation from working to achieve those goals. 

These are all from my "Temple Run" that I did on 7/6/23. It was truly tranquillity heaven!


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